4 April 2017

Our first meeting with Sergeant Alf Sawyer, Neighbourhood Policing Team. A summary of our discussions...

  • Neighbourhood policing team - this consists of Alf and 4 constables; Matt , Jeremy Miriam & Ben.  Their area includes Mt Victoria, Mt Cook, Te Aro & the CBD and they look for opportunities to engage with the community in positive ways such as working with schools and helping residents and businesses with safety related concerns. 
  • Apartment Security - some apartment buildings have been experiencing problems with unauthorsied people gaining access by trailing in the front door with residents.  Something to be mindful of if you live in an apartment.
  • Graffiti - stressed the importance of reporting every incident so that the scale of the problem is fully understood and in turn can be adequately resourced.  Matt is the team member responsible for this portfolio and concerns can be discussed with him.
  • Begging - police are participating in the current review of the public spaces bylaw and are hopeful that changes will give them more scope to move people on if they're causing a nuisance, in particular if the begging is aggressive.
  • Breaches of the liquor ban - we discussed the importance of gathering information on this and how we could make it easier for residents and businesses to do so without the time it requires to report incidents through the Crime Reporting Line.  
  • Car park crime - has reduced following campaigns by police encouraging motorists to be extra vigilant.