Meet the Candidates review

A key part of the democratic process is having an informed electorate. To this end on Tuesday 15th August ICW organised a meeting of the candidates contesting the Wellington Central electorate. The purpose of the event was to introduce the candidates to our members, ask them to respond to some specific questions and then accept questions from the floor.

All eight candidates contesting Wellington Central agreed to participate but, unfortunately, on the night Bale Nadakuitavuki representing United Future was unable to attend due to illness. So we had 7 candidates present and they included:

  • Michael Warren            Act
  • Gayaal Iddamalgoda    Independent
  • James Shaw                 Greens
  • Nicola Willis                 National
  • Grant Robertson          Labour
  • Geoff Simmons            TOP
  • Andy Foster                 New Zealand First

An impressive line-up of candidates.

The audience numbers were equally impressive with just on 100 attending– we ended up with standing room only.

The questions put to the candidates covered a wide range of topics including the economy, health, democracy, education, sustainability, societal inequality, immigration, and so on. The answers delivered gave the audience quite an insight into the policy thinking of the parties and their candidates and we believe we fulfilled the objectives of the evening of informing the electorate.

The candidates were great – they respected each other while they were speaking, they allowed differing points of view without interjection and they kept to time.

We wish them all every success on September 23.