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ICW Committee Meeting - Thistle Hall Community Venue

  • Thistle Hall Community Venue 293 Cuba Street Wellington, 6011 New Zealand (map)

Our Monthly Committee Meeting. Everyone welcome.

Note: This meeting is scheduled for 6.00pm – 7.30pm at The Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba St

1)      Secretarial Role – volunteer for this meeting??

2)      Confirmation of minutes from meeting of June 13th 2017

3)      Activities Completed Since Last Meeting………

a)       Meeting with Lambton Ward Councillors (notes circulated from this meeting)

b)      Attendance at Community Resilience in CBD meeting; output still to be circulated

c)       Briefing with WCC / Willis Bond / Athfield Architects – report circulated

d)      Date set for “Meet The Candidates” – August 15th

e)      Thank you letters sent to Brett Coram and Grant Sheehan for work on the brochure.

f)        Stella Bridge presented to the Council on re-cycling in the CBD.

g)       Meeting Banner ordered.

h)      Members fully informed on issues relating to the Lions Tour.

4)      Financial Report………(GF)

a) Update on subscriptions paid

b) Budget

c) WCC Grant Application

5)      Website – functionality limits of website (see last minutes) (DW)

6)      Special Items ……

a)       Meet the Candidates – questions for the candidates to address (all)

      meeting details – venue, sound system etc.(Al-L/GM-sound)

      availability of candidates (AL-L)

      progress with Maori seat candidates (AL-L)

      question …. Can we / should we charge for this meeting??

      MC …….. who do we have in mind?

b)      Founders Day – progress report(CM)

c)       October Event – Urban Development Panel Discussion – finalise (JA/GM/AL-L)

d)      ICW Media Contacts (SW)

e)      Waterfront Development – Site 9 (JA/GM) – see separate report

f)        Action from meeting with Lambton Ward Councillors – see separate report

g)       Monthly newsletter – “to do or not to do” (JA)

7)      Portfolio Updates…….

a)       Local Democracy (JA/GM)

1)      Annual Plan – update from meeting with Lambton Ward Councillors (JA)

2)      Downtown Levy (JA)

3)      Wellington Waterfront Development


b)      Sustainable Development …..(GM)

1)      Alcohol – WCC Alcohol Forum 29 July – update; Community Reference Group (Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act Governance Framework) – attend the Regulatory Group on Framework on Issues Paper (on our website) 9 Aug.

2)      Seismic strengthening:

a.       Lender of Last resort proposal (joint with BCCG): waiting for response from Minister Smith, Mayor Lester LGNZ has requested a meeting to discuss.  Met with Nicola Willis (12 June) to discuss. Grant Robertson has advised that Labour Policy on this is in process of being signed off.

b.       OIA to Ministry of Culture and Heritage on financial aid for heritage building: material released by MBIE notes that a $100m contestable fund over 20 or 25 years for nationally listed Cat 1 buildings and Cat 2 buildings in high and medium seismic was discussed, but this hasn’t been made public. Requested Cabinet papers to see what happened to proposal.

3)      Housing Policy: likely to be a submission to WCC on Housing Strategy to develop

4)      Transport

5)      Begging:  organise a meeting with DHB elected members to support WCC’s call for more mental health and addiction services based in the CBD.

6)      Waste Management

c)       Building Capacity …….. (CM)

1)      Events (excluding those discussed earlier in the agenda)

2)      Brochure Distribution – update

3)      Future speakers??